It’s Over!

11 days, 1,650 miles driven, 50 miles walked, and I’m officially done with my graduate degree in Museum Studies. More than that, though, I’ve made new friends, learned priceless lessons, and have had the chance to see classroom principles applied in the field. 

It would be impossible to pick a favorite moment over the course of the past two weeks, but I can’t overstate the importance of pulling these experiences together into one critically important lesson on the art of storytelling. Working with our teams, learning from each other and from museum professionals, and putting our efforts into a creative final project was more rewarding than I could ever say. 

Looking back at my past blog posts, it’s pretty easy to say that I’ll be taking away so many things from this seminar. But, with the video that I helped to create, I’m also sort of leaving something, too. And that is incredibly cool. 

Team bonding at NGA

So, even though the journey to my degree (and the trek around the nation’s capital) was incredibly long and exhausting, I know that I came out better for having done it in the end. I’m looking forward to seeing where the next journey takes me and what stories I will hear along the way. Mostly, I’m looking forward to taking a nap. 

In case you’re interested in that video, click here.


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